A Blog Marathon

27 Dec

It had been inadvertently brought to my attention that my blogs are way, way behind.  My parents were unaware of what the kids have been up to as we haven’t been around to answer the phone lately.  I began to slip into excuse mode and I do have quite an arsenal of excuses, but I would rather think of them as justifications for my absences.  Anyway, to get to the point, apparently I am not the only person who is perturbed when my blogs, well realistically my other blog (as very few people I actually know are aware of this site) is behind the times.  

I know that I have said this before, but this site is a place for me to gather my thoughts, to vent and on occasion to brag about something cool, but most often it is just a space for me to be me.  My other site is a place where I can document the comings and goings of my kids as a way of letting family and friends keep in touch without countless phone calls and emails.  Hopefully it will also be a place that the kids can look back on and remember all of the fun things that they have been lucky enough to do, the way I look through photo albums and scrapbooks from when I was a kid.

So where was I?  The Blog Marathon – I have finally updated superRelish.  I was planning on a serious arse-sitting session yesterday, but the kids wanted to go out and have an adventure.  Instead of inside ares-sitting, we all went to the park yesterday and I took the laptop with me so I could organise some posts and find suitable photos.  It was a fantastic way to catch up and to ‘supervise’ the fun of exploring a new park.  Even that session of serious screen time wasn’t enough, and I have been at it for hours tonight, but I am finally there and I can breathe a sigh of relief.

All that I have written over there is true (naturally) but being written from a kids perspective, most of the time the content is light and fun.  It really doesn’t dig into the situations but merely comments about them.  I still need to do some serious thinking and/or writing to get this space up-to-date, to get my head organised so that I can start the year fresh and new, I just don’t know when that is likely to happen.  Feel free to drop by superRelish to see why I have been extra slack over here of late…

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