Growing Up

27 Nov

I wrote back here about how I am changing, that I am becoming more emotional about things that I thought wouldn’t effect me.  I thought that it may have been a fleeting change, but I think it has set in.  

This morning as I was driving the kids to school and kinder, they were chatting in the back seat about being at school together next year.  I’m not really sure about how the conversation started but it ended with boy-child telling girl-child, ‘Did you know you can play with me and my friends at lunchtime when you are at school next year?  When you want to play with us, we will meet you at the drink taps after eating time and then we can go play together.  It will be really fun.’

I couldn’t believe it, my little boy is showing compassion and understanding towards his little sister.  This is the same boy who keeps losing the door handle to his room so that when he shuts the door from the inside, his sister can’t go in to play with him.  The same boy who puts a carefully hand written note outside his room saying, ‘No one else allowed inside’ to counter girl-child asking for a grownup to help her with the door!   

I was so proud of my little boy being so mature and helpful.  So proud that a lump formed in my throat and I was unable to speak for fear of my voice cracking and the kids thinking that I was going insane.  How will I cope with the start of school, when my babies really are growing up?

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