Unexpected Emotion

25 Nov

Now to prelude this post, I guess I had better explain about when boy-child started school.  Unlike many of the other parents who had children starting school for the first time, I was excited.  I didn’t look at it as ‘my baby is growing up’ sadness, but more as a celebration – I had survived 5 years of parenthood.  I thought it was a milestone to celebrate rather than mourn.  I know that many other parents looked at me as if I were crazy, as if I was wishing my kids to grow up too fast.  I knew that being in school would keep him interested and excited.  

Now that it is almost time for girl-child to go to school, I am really, really excited.  I can’t wait to experience the simplicity of having both kids at the same place at the same time – things will be so much easier when there is only one location for drop off each morning, pick up from the same location and at the same time.  I may even get to work on time and get something done occasionally.  As a result of this, I will actually have more time to spend with the kids, enjoying their company rather than constantly being in transit.  

Today was a rehearsal of sorts, for when both kids are at school together.

The School Girl

The School Girl


She was so excited to be going back to school again.  She even insisted on wearing her school uniform.  Of course she did have to accessorise her uniform, she insisted on wearing pale pink sequined shoes, a black hat and at one stage a string of red beads!  She looked fantastic.  She was running through the school yard with confidence.  She even introduced me to her buddy.

Her buddy gave her a welcome letter and read it to her.  Imagine my surprise when the letter made me get all fuzzy with emotion.  


Letter from a Buddy

Letter from a Buddy

I know that girl-child will thrive at school.  She will love the challenge and the attention.  It will be a great change and challenge for all of us.  I have been planning a celebration of sorts for the day girl-child starts school.  Something simple, a lunch with other mums that I haven’t had a chance to catch up with in a long time, a chance to celebrate surviving, but perhaps having both kids at school will be more difficult to cope with than I am expecting.  I am still excited by the prospect.

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