Working, on the Weekend?

16 Nov

Sunday, a day of rest – NOT.  I did sleep in, well not actually sleep, but hide in bed and read for a while.  It was a way of procrastination.  I knew that I had to do some work in preparation for a course I am attending tomorrow.

Eventually I convinced myself to get up, if only to listen to girl-child’s commentary as she tried down a pile of hand-me-down clothes from a dancing friend that were dropped off last night.  She was so excited that she upped her daily clothing ensemble changes from 4 to at least 9.  Each change included a description of the outfit, where she could wear it, what she would wear it with and who would like her outfit (and why!).

Then there was no more time for procrastination.  The report had to be written and it wasn’t like I had plenty of notice – the pre course requirements were sent out months ago, I just haven’t had enough time to do it during work hours.  It wasn’t surprising that I had to do it today, in my own time.  

I actually worked for about 6 hours to get the report done amongst kid like distractions.  Eventually, the work was done.  I went into work to print out copies to be submitted, but the file didn’t copy.  A few choice words later and I was in the car heading back home to re-copy the report, drive back to work and press print.  As the report was printing, I found some background data that I had produced months ago that I can use to support my presentation tomorrow.  I guess it wasn’t a wasted trip, but it was time wasting.

In other unrelated events, boy-child’s accident prone, unusual, not quite right melodramatic ways had me annoyed, concerned, confused, a little disturbed, he


  • hit his head on the bench in the kitchen as he was walking by
  • lifted up the outdoor bench seat, as girl-child was sitting on it, then placed it on his foot 
  • dragged his legs along the outdoor storage cabinet and got a splinter in his thigh
  • forgot many words and instead inserted ‘um yeah’ in many sentences
  • was so tired that he was actually asleep at 7.30 and not just playing in bed

I really don’t know if his actions were a result of exhaustion or some underlying insanity.  Hopefully a good nights sleep will fix everything.  Fingers crossed as I don’t have time to fix everything myself.

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Posted by on November 16, 2008 in and they call this work


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