Where is my Camera?

09 Nov

To celebrate the weather warming up, we have been barbequing a lot.  Three days and three barbeques.  Throw in a trip to the park, a birthday party in an adventure playground and a trip to a new local market.  So many photo opportunities but guess who forgot to take a camera with them – the entire weekend!  It was very not like me, it is normally in my pocket, but I was cleaning up and trying to get a little organised so I put the camera in my work bag ready for work tomorrow afternoon and there it stayed.  

That got me to thinking about my photographing habits.  I am generally known as the person who has a camera personally attached.  If it isn’t in my hand being used, it is in my pocket just waiting for an opportunity.  Often my other camera is in my bag, ready to be used when I want a closer view of something but am feeling too lazy to actually move toward were the action is.

Of late something has changed.  Sure my camera is often with me or not very far away, I just don’t seem to be clicking away at random as I used to.  I really miss flicking through all the photos and cropping them ready to upload to Flickr at some stage.  I must start taking photos again, with both cameras so I can get some close ups and different perspectives.

I did take dozens of photos a week or so ago, for girl-child’s 5th birthday party, but I have managed to misplace the card.  As a result I haven’t  posted about her birthday on either blog, sorry Boo, I will get there soon, I promise.  At the moment I only have 4 photos of your birthday.  On a positive note, during my search I found a memory card stashed away that had hundreds of photos from my trip to Japan 2 years ago.  Flicking through those photos and uploading them to Flickr to share with friends has been fun, remembering all the amazing places I visited and the crazy sights I saw.  

Here are a few of my favourites from a crazy Sunday shopping and people watching in Harajuku.

alices in wonderland


cement man

still texting


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