A Quiet Sunday Sing-Along

02 Nov

After what has been a particularly crazy week for everyone, we have opted for a quiet Sunday.  We all slept in a little and romped around in pyjamas for a while before venturing into the market to pick up some fresh produce for the week.  

Unfortunately I think all of Melbourne decided to join us at the market and it wasn’t such a pleasant experience, in the produce section at least.  We normally shop much earlier in the morning, before the rest of the city decides to wander out.  Today we couldn’t move, there were people everywhere, rude people who pushed and shoved their way through the crowds.  I couldn’t cope, I wanted out.  There was absolutely no way to select delicious produce for man-child to purchase whilst trying to keep track of the kids and prevent our trolley from crashing into everyone.  

Normally the kids get to select and buy produce also, but the stall holders were too busy to wait for multiple child sized transactions and the kids were a little disappointed but also overwhelmed by the crowds.  The kids were happy when we continued our tradition of delicious wheat-laden hot jam donuts (for everyone but me) and fresh fruit watching a the street performers.

The best surprise of a crowded shopping trip was finding a new performer Cory Grant.  She was an amazing performer doing original songs that she has released independently.  If you want to check out some of her music, head to her MySpace page.  We didn’t stay for the entire set, but did buy her EP so we could check out more and I have to say I love what I am hearing.  

I am listening to her songs now as the kids are having some quiet time watching Alvin and the Chipmunks, although Alvin is playing a little louder and has the kids singing along.  I listened closely to what the kids were singing, instead of

     “Christmas, Christmas time is here, Time for joy and time for cheer”

they are singing

     “Christmas, Christmas time is here, Time for storage and time for beer”

Hmmm, it seems the parental influences around here are pretty apparent!

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