01 Nov

OK, so being an Aussie, we generally don’t do Halloween but we are happy to try.  Trick or treating is just way too much effort, you have to pre-plan a route and warn the neighbours that the kids will be dropping by to make sure there will actually be people at home.  Unfortunately the kids are all too aware that trick or treating is an excuse for dressing up and getting to eat lollies.  

The kids are also aware that Halloween involves a Jack-O-Lantern, so a giant orange pumpkin was purchased last weekend at the market for the user friendly sum of $15.  Fortunately man-child showed his skills in carving and a suitably creepy face was shaped.  Not bad for a first pumpkin carving attempt.

Instead of trick or treating, we decide to do our own Halloween party in the park.  The plan was for the kids in the area to dress up and come to play with us in the park.  Unfortunately Mother Nature didn’t have the same theory so we all ended up back at our house to avoid the rain.  At one stage there were 17 kids running around upstairs.  It sounded like a herd of elephants running around.  We tried to drown out the noise with the popping of corks and the pouring if drinks!

Eventually the rain stopped long enough for us to all run over to the park for a quick trick or treat and a lolly hunt.  The kids ran and ran looking for and eating more sugary treats.  I was expecting to have to peel them from the ceiling to get them into bed, but I think they ran themselves to exhaustion in the short time we were in the park.

We had a great Halloween party and we will have to do something similar next year.  I think I will make more Witches Fingers to scare people with too.  They were great and creepy, go here if you want a great and easy recipe.

Oh No, I have Witches Fingers.  Happy Halloween!

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One response to “Halloween

  1. Linette

    November 1, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    Thanks for the mention! The witches fingers turned out really cute:-) Seventeen kids sounds like you had a houseful!


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