21 Sep

Sunday morning and the house is quiet!

I dragged myself out of bed at the very civilised hour of 9 am and I am the first out of bed.  OK, so girl-child did wake and wander downstairs much earlier, but after a calm rational discussion “you can’t sleep in my bed, go donwstairs or back to bed’, she wandered out.  I didn’t even open my eyes but I think I grunted that she couldn’t sit outside the bedroom playing or crying, she moved on again.  I wasn’t really sure if she wandered upstairs or downstairs, but I didn’t hear the front door open so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  Apparently she went back to bed and back to sleep. 

Oh how I could use this time to be productive.  There is plenty to do, but most importantly the almost finished and beautiful backyard is filled with sunshine.  Quick, grab something to lay upon (an old cot mattress that was refound during the cleanup) and the laptop and get out there and enjoy.  So here I am sunning myself along with the cat, catching up on some long awaited blog reading and listening to the soundtrack of Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.  What a perfect way to start what is bound to be another crazy busy day.

When my bliss is disrupted by other beings, i will start to do and perhaps catch up on some posts but for now – relax in the sunshine!

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One response to “Bliss

  1. FFG

    September 30, 2008 at 3:17 am

    Sounds like a rare quiet moment. I hope you got to enjoy it for a while longer than usual.


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