07 Sep

I wrote all about a day of celebrations over at my other blog, a day celebrating Father’s Day and my mum’s birthday.  Well actually I wrote about the parts of the day that I want the kids (and my extended family) to perhaps read about some day.  Here I will actually write about my fantastic parenting abilities…

A birthday really isn’t a birthday unless it involves cake.  I actually planned ahead and made a gluten free cake so I could overindulge.  Just in case it tasted like cardboard, I iced it with melted chocolate and strawberries.  

It was time to sing Happy Birthday so we moved the cake into the lounge area.  Girl-child was helping, she ran back to the kitchen to see what else we needed, just as I was leaving the kitchen CARRYING A KNIFE on top of some napkins.  Being the good parent I am, the knife blade was pointing outward and she ran into it.  My poor girl-child ran into a knife I was carrying, it hit her in the neck but fortunately didn’t do any damage to her.  Me on the other hand, plenty of damage – motherguilt, I stabbed my daughter!  I was so consumed by the guilt of what happened but relieved about what could have been that I didn’t enjoy my cake.

I am sorry Boo!

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One response to “Guilt

  1. FFG

    September 9, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    Oops! Accidents happen even to the BEST moms (like us). 🙂


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