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02 Sep

There is so much I could write about now, but I really don’t have the energy to devote to writing anything properly.  I think tonight is my first night for a total cop-out post, bullets to list the things that I could write about in the hope that one day I will actually write something worth reading…

  • the kids received their medals from their dancing examinations held a few weeks ago, I don’t think that I even posted about the examination day, but perhaps I will some day soon.
  • the backyard looks like a giant clay pit that is apparently next to impossible to move.  
  • the interior work is all but done, other than my 2 favourite past times – cleaning and painting, I can’t wait.  The top room is a mess and the kids are still sharing the sofabed in the blue room.
  • we ordered carpet last weekend, I can’t even remember the dates that they will be laying it, but that is my deadline for getting all the painting done
  • work is currently a love/hate relationship, I am just not sure what part of the relationship I am in now.
  There is so much I could do tonight, but I don’t know where to start.   So much stuff that I could write about, but perhaps another day…
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