01 Sep

So spring is finally here.  The sun should be shining, the flowers coming into bloom, leaves unfurling and I should be outside enjoying it all.  Reality – it is kinda cold, it has been raining, I have a head cold and I have worked crazy hours and wouldn’t have time to enjoy Spring even if it was warm and sunny.

This is a photo I took on the first day of spring last year.  Lets all just imagine that we were all outside enjoying the sunshine.  

I have been internet-less for a short time, specifically over the days when I had time to be online.  The downside of renovating is having the power turned off which in turn resets the modem meaning I have to try and reconnect.  Such a simple task but it took far too long.  Finally I made it back to the blogosphere, but I feel as if I have been away forever.

When I finally reconnected, there were over 150 items unread in my reader and I was again over a week behind in the kids blog.  I have spent the little time I have had to try and play catch-up.  I am almost up to date with SuperRelish.  I so I will get back to this one soon and try and fill in the gaps.

Welcome to Australia Ash and Happy Spring!

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One response to “Spring

  1. Ashlea

    September 2, 2008 at 8:40 am

    You should come to brisbane! Its hot and sunny here. Internet sucks sometimes. Wouldnt it be awesome to be able to go online without it??


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