16 Aug

As usual, the school letter came home on Thursday.  As usual it took me until today to get around to reading it.  My excuse is that I like a little light reading to do of a Saturday morning, realistically it is because I can’t really be bothered getting rid of the mess that covers the kitchen bench.  Anyway, that is besides the point, the point being that there was a reminder for all students involved in the Premiers Reading Challenge to get their lists signed off as soon as possible, the Challenge finishes at the end of the month.  

Now I had a vague recollection of seeing something with Reading Challenge floating around a while ago, but I didn’t sign boy-child up for it so I didn’t take any notice of it and I am sure that it was subsequently ‘filed’ appropriately.  For some reason I mentioned the Reading Challenge to man-child and he said that he signed boy-child up months ago, ‘What did he have to do?’  Hmmm, let’s see.  Read 30 books by the end of the month.  OK, so that is only 2 extra books a day, on top of the home reader, home writing and the everyday books before bed.  Man-child is all, ‘So that’s no problem then?’  Well it really shouldn’t be a problem, boy-child is loving reading and often takes 3 or  extra books to bed with him every night, but they are books of his choice.  The books for the Challenge have to be from a specified list and boy-child has always been very selective about what he reads and when he reads it.  

So along with sorting pencils, my exciting afternoon consisted of seeing how many books from the list we owned. I did manage to find 45 books that we own that are on the Challenge book list.  Surely of those 45 books he should be able to find 2 a day to read without it becoming a chore.  We got off to a good start, with 2 selected to read before going up to bed tonight, as an excuse to stay up a few minutes later, whatever works!

On another unrelated but reading related topic, I found this clip via Adventures of a Miscellaneous Aussie Mum and thought we should all take part in this.  

For me, reading when I am waiting is a part of everyday life.  In fact I miss having to catch the train to work – I loved having time dedicated to reading every day.  I still manage to find time to read, but it does take a long time to walk to work if I read as I walk.  Nevertheless, it should be fun to encourage others to join in the Reading While Waiting Project.

My boy could be the next Sean Connery, learning to read at 5 and at some stage receiving an AFI Lifetime Achievement Award!  OK, so maybe not, but at least he can read and will hopefully continue to enjoy reading, and writing too.

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One response to “Reading

  1. Karen Andrews (miscmum)

    August 17, 2008 at 6:46 am

    I think I’ll enjoy it once my kids are old enough to do Premier reading challenges and such 🙂 (I”m such a book nerd though!)


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