I am an Ignorant Human Being

04 Aug

Yay, I received my first ever negative comment and it appears to be from someone who clearly loves Yo Gabba Gabba.  

“Nowhere in that song does it say germs are “evil”. (You sure love throwing that word around.) You must not have been paying attention to the song at all, and instead giving a bad review to something you clearly know nothing about. I can’t believe you’re giving Yo Gabba Gabba such a negative review without giving it a chance first. It’s like proclaiming any random book “EVIL” without ever reading it and making sure the entire world knows about it. You’re an ignorant human being.

Teletubbies gone wrong… riiiiiight… at the very least Yo Gabba Gabba doesn’t speak in incoherent baby babble like Teletubbies.”

I think the damning comment claiming that I am ‘an ignorant human being’ stems from the fact that the commenter has missed the point of my post entirely, hell he has even missed the point of my blog – predominantly I write about things that I find interesting, amusing or annoying, it is about me and my life and therefore is filled with my opinions.

Now in fairness, I should clarify here.  I did misinterpret the song itself – it refers to germs as ‘tiny ugly germs’ not dirty or evil germs as I misquoted.  How could I get it wrong.  Oh perhaps it was the part where I stated I wasn’t actually watching the show, I was commenting on my 4 year old daughters love of the show and her interpretation of the show.  

It is quite hysterical actually that I am actually irked about this comment (and the follow up comment ‘PS I find it hilarious you have comment moderation turned on. I assume this is not the first time you’ve given ridiculous reviews to things you don’t actually read or watch first….‘)  I really don’t like to offend people even if it is unintentional, but I also don’t like to be called ignorant when I am not.  Now I have gone and wasted time googling the damn show to try and add a link to the excitement that is ‘tiny ugly germs’ but can only find links to other peoples views of the show and that episode in particular. 

Anyway, I am happy to never have Yo Gabba Gabba shown on any television in my presence, but if it does I will make sure that I actually watch the show in its entirety to ‘review’ what was watched, rather than merely commenting on someone else’s love of the show!

The all important question, do I reply to the comment or just GET OVER IT?

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