22 Jul

As I enjoy my morning meander around the river I think of various interesting blog posts.  I practically write them in my head and they are witty, interesting and perhaps even insightful.  Naturally by the time I walk in the door all interesting content has been removed from my mind.  Instead of pretending that I can re-create the simplicity of forgotten posts, I sit and enjoy a glass of juice in peace and quiet.

All too soon, I begin the frantic rush of packing school lunches, making sure readers are read, finding school uniforms and all the other madness of getting boy-child to school on time and girl-child to kinder almost on time.  Throw in man-childs inefficiency and an extra body and all of a sudden there is no time left for anything.  My relaxed morning has departed and then I am on the way to work.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem.  I might be busy, but it is fun and relatively simple.  This week however is presenting to be greater challenge.  I am working alone in the office for 2 weeks and have extra work to do, requiring me to be in the office for 5 days this week instead of 5 days this fortnight.  

However exhausting, I did have a great day at work today.  Perhaps tomorrow I will find upload a few photos and post about the experience.  Perhaps I will find time to actually think and write and make this whole blog thing worth reading.  

Perhaps not.  There is always next month, when the July funk has passed…

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One response to “Forgetful

  1. Ash

    July 23, 2008 at 1:21 pm


    Thanks for the comment on my blog. It’s nice to know that people are reading it, and maybe even enjoying it.

    I am much like you, and most probably like most bloggers (can I even call myself that yet?)

    I create an awesome post in my head that is deep thought provoking, and slightly funny. I get lost when I come up against the computer screen.

    Your blog is excellent. Im pleased that I now have another great blog that I can sink my teeth into when I get a free moment. (Ha! What free time?)




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