18 Jul

Well it looks like man-child is employed, but until I see it in writing, who knows?  It has been a long day, with random phonecalls about the benefits of joining a company that is looking to restructure (will there be a job in a few months, if HR can stuff up before starting what sort of mess can they make when you actually work there) compared to feeling the need to move on and experience a change of workplace, and hopefully work/life balance.  Essentially, it was exhausting – I don’t have all the information and am not likely to ever get all the information, yet the decision impacts on how I can go about my work.

Throw in a need to finish of some work in the office with girl-child tagging along, purchasing a gazillion birthday presents (well 6 at least for the coming fortnight), de-bombing the house and setting up the spare room ready for an exchange student who arrives tonight.

Oh, did I forget to mention that we now have an exchange student staying with us for 10 days?  Well there you go – we have a Japanese boy staying with us so I had to drag the sewing stuff, craft items, toys and miscellaneous crap out of the room.

All this on top of a sleep deprived grumpy state of someone with a chocolate hangover.  Yep, a chocolate hangover.  I hadn’t had chocolate all week and a friend dropped by last night in desperate need of support after a challenging personal situation.  One thing led to another, and before you knew it I had eaten a block of chocolate and shared a bottle of bubbles.  All of a sudden it was really late and now I am paying for it.  

Must go to bed so I can function for a crazy busy weekend…

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