17 Jul

It is a mess, a total f**king mess!  Insert multiple expletives throughout this post.

Man-child was verbally offered a job yesterday via the recruiter that he has been working with.  Fantastic news, especially after being dragged through the wringer during long and intensive process of interviews and presentations and meeting his new staff members.  Naturally he was over the moon and verbally accepted the job.  All parties, man-child, the new company and the recruiter understood there would be fine tuning (in relation to salary and benefits) required for the contract to be finalised.  

Having quite a good relationship with the company he works with now, he verbally told them his intentions to leave.  They were able to plan an exit strategy that would keep the old company progressing whilst not waiting too long before the new position would begin.  

All in all it seemed like a reasonable thing to do, he had a verbal agreement to start a new position and gave a verbal agreement to end the old position, all that was left was to sign on the bottom line, right?

WRONG – the new company’s senior management decided that they no longer needed the position at all so are withdrawing the position.  What happens now?  The new company doesn’t have a position, the old company is moving on and man-child is essentially unemployed!  Hooray, we’re screwed.  I HATE July and superstitions.

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