Peace and Quiet

16 Jul

So today is 3 days in a row that I have crawled out of bed at 6.15 to exercise (walk/run/stagger).  I have to say so far so good.  It is actually really pleasant being up and alone for a change.  

On the downside, so it is cold out, really cold.  This morning there was ‘steam’ rising from the river as I ran.  It was a beautiful picture; still dark, stars in the sky, steam rising from the river and then the city appearing to rise from the fog, then when the fog cleared, the city lights were reflected in the stillness of the water.  

On the brighter side of cold, the heater has kicked in by the time I get back.  AND far more enjoyable is the peace and quiet before the kids come running down the stairs in a fit of morning hyperactivity.  I really think I could come to love these early mornings.

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