15 Jul

My phone, my beautiful, lovely, oh-so-wonderful iPhone appears to have decided to stop being a phone.  The day before the iPhone was to be released in Oz, something strange happened – the network changed do my phone was no longer on any network.  Such a sad world, an iPhone with no phone or internet, what was I to do?

OK, time to see what Dr Google has to say…

Apparently there is a simple re-set.  Did it, it didn’t work.  Next, follow the instructions on the Apple site.  Not a problem, I can do that.  All really simple, sequences of turning the phone off and on, synching with the laptop and re-setting the sim.  Did it, it didn’t work either.  

Next option, restore to original settings.  That should be fine, it isn’t like I have added anything to the phone, the contacts and calendars are somewhere on the laptop, lets do it!  

Bad move.  Apparently when you restore the phone, it automatically updates the phone with all the latest upgrades.  These upgrades don’t work on my phone, or other phones that worked on the old network and the phone is no longer.  

HELP, quick man-child call the people you bought the phone from.  What do you mean they no longer exist in Australia?  Shit.  OK email them.  Great a response, just not a response that is particularly helpful.  Yes they are working on a fix, hopefully it will be available in a week or 2, or not! 

Hooray – I no longer have a phone, alarm, time keeper, calendar, contact list, ipod, camera or gps but I do have a really useful brick with a pretty purple silicone cover!

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