14 Jul

Cauliflower, that is me at the moment.  Cauliflower is the term I/we have always used for melancholy.  There is nothing wrong, yet my world isn’t right.  I keep wanting to write, to try and clear my head of all the insanity that is floating around inside, instead I sit at the laptop and read.  I read dozens of amazing blogs, written by interesting and diverse people and think, “yeah, what they said!”  Then that leads to why write about that, it has already been said.  Instead of my head clearing out, more junk moves in and sets up camp.  

I know I need to write, to clear some space to see all the amazing things around me so I catch up on the kids blog to keep the rest of our world up to date with our adventures.  It is positive writing.  It is writing that is from the kids perspective, not my perspective and not my views.  It helps but it doesn’t clear any space.  It does tick on box on the seemingly never-ending to-do-list.  

Must write, must sustain my guilty secret and write.  Here, it is a start.  I could probably write more but alas I am off to a work meeting (on a non-work day, go figure).  When I return I will become accountable, but that (and the guilty secret) are other posts entirely.

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One response to “cauliflower

  1. Suze

    July 14, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    I know how you feel. I always think everyone else is so witty, funny, entertaining and interesting, that why do I even bother?

    This blogging thing is a strange beast in my opinion…


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