When I Grow Up

25 Jun

OK, so blogging or journaling just for the sake of writing is harder than I imagined.  I find that as I drift off to sleep, wander around the river or am in some location away from a computer, I have millions of ideas of what to write about.  Unfortunately, but the time I have a chance to sit down and type, all content has disappeared from my head.  I had come up with a few ideas in an earlier post, basically copying other peoples blog ideas.  Even that seems like hard work.  I think for now, I will simply tag on to other peoples ideas until I find my own.

Yesterday, Rude Cactus talks about conversing with other people who don’t know what they want to do when they grow up. He then posing the question “Are you doing what you want to do? If money was no object, what’s your ideal gig?”

I felt strange as I was typing my response, but I actually think that I am doing the job that is perfectly suited to me, now.  As well as the work being interesting, varied challenging and at often insane, the hours I work are flexible enough to fit in around crazy kid schedules and the possibilities of man-child working interstate or crazy hours.  I live and work in the same area so I can walk to work and I really enjoy the company of the people I work with.  Add to this that I actually believe in what I do, and I think I am in the perfect job.  

This is me at work, on the most amazing and terrifying swing ever!  Flying thorough the air from a height of 21m.

Essentially, at the end of the day, I can come home from work believing that I have made a small difference.  Sounds like a commercial pitch, but at the moment I love work!


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