Little Boy Blue

20 Jun
I was reading another blog (Zoot again) that was questioning what makes little kids stay in bed, when there is nothing physically stopping them from getting out.  It reminded me of the adventures we shared when boy-child graduated from his cot…  

Boy-child moved to a junior bed when he was 14 months old (around the time we knew we were pregnant again). We didn’t want to have to deal with jealousy issues of boy-child not wanting the baby to be in ‘his bed’, so we converted his cot early. We were really lucky, despite being able to climb in and out of bed himself, he never climbed out of the bed until it was really morning, when we told him he could get up. We would leave a few books and a toy on the drawers by his bed and he would quietly entertain himself, it was fantastic.

This lasted for about a year, until he realised he could get out of bed. Then he would get out of bed, play for a bit, then return to bed when he was tired again. We really never had any issues until the time he found the texta… Unfortunately he never found any paper to draw on. He did however find the walls, cupboard doors and his entire body (including under the nappy he took off and then put back on when he was sufficiently blue)!

AJ’s Art, originally uploaded by superRelish.

I still love looking at these photos, boy-child is so pleased with his creation! It was really hard to impress upon him that it was important to only draw pictures on paper when I insisted on taking photos of the evidence. Fortunately this was a once off night time art expedition.

We have had similarly colourful results from other art experiences, but I will write about them another time!


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