Kids Cook Monday – an unexpected choice

16 Jun

When I picked boy-child up from school, he was really excited – Freddy the Class Teddy was coming to our house to stay for a night.  He excitedly informed me that he would have to do something interesting for Freddy because he had to write in a diary about their adventures and you have to write in the grown up diary too.  Hooray homework for me!

Being Monday – Kids Cook Monday, boy-child got home from school and started flicking through recipe books.  He wasn’t interested in the kid cooking books today, apparently they had too many recipes with lots of eggs in them.  Instead he chose a recipe that was a little unexpected – Honey Mustard Chicken served on a bed of Kumera Mash with broccoli and carrots.  

After recipe selection, it was then time to collect girl-child and go shopping for the remaining ingredients.  Man-child had had a bad day in the office (but that is another story for another time) and was home early.  He felt the need for some quality family time, so off we all trekked to the shop.  Naturally a quick shop took much longer than usual, but it was fun.  

Time to cook dinner, girl-child was in charge of the mash, peeling and cooking the kumera before she mashed it.  Boy-child made the marinade for the chicken and set it to bake before getting the extra vegies on to steam.  Next the table was set ready for a special dinner with Freddy the Teddy.

Dinner was delicious.  The chicken had much stronger flavours than I expected (we didn’t really follow the measurements) but both kids loved them.  We made more than we needed, so there should be enough left to add to a salad tomorrow.  I think that honey mustard chicken will be on the menu again.

In other matters, going back to work was a pleasant distraction from the rest of life’s happenings.  I am settling back into routine, and enjoying it.  That being said, it did take my entire work day to read 2 and a half weeks worth of work emails.  Of course, that was reading the emails only, I am yet to respond to them, that will take another day I am sure.

Oh the mundane pleasures of routine…


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