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12 Jun

The news that could be devastating, isn’t as bad as it could have been.  That being said, it isn’t great news and it hasn’t been confirmed so I will hold off on telling the story.  On the ‘good news’ front, applications close tomorrow.  I haven’t finished my application yet, but I am almost happy with it.  The successful applicants won’t be announced for another month but I will continue to cross my fingers.

In other good news, I was given a gift voucher for a spa treatment that I had to use this month.  Now I am not a spa bunny.  It is not that I don’t want to be, I just don’t have the time nor the money to partake in frequent spa rituals.  After today, I must say that I could quite easily dream of becoming a spa bunny.

The morning at the spa started with checking in and changing into a cosy white robe.  A short time was spent in the relaxation room, sipping herbal tea.  My consultant came in to discuss what treatments I would receive – a Batu Hot Stone and Deep Tissue Massage, followed by a facial and finishing with a Batu Hot Stone Pedicure and polish.  

Now I have had massage before, but using hot stones and aromatherapy oils adds a whole new and wonderful dimension.  More products were used in a single facial today than I have used in my life.  The pedicure was amazing and definitely something I would like to do again.  Imagine sitting in a deep comfortable leather recliner, listening to suitably chilled music on a an ipod, sipping tea as your feet are being massaged prior to the nails being polished.  


So if you ever feel like escaping reality, head to Spa Nirvana for a moment of bliss. 

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